About Us
HopTechnic® was originally founded in 2010 by Virgil Gamache Farms (VGF) as the internal quality control lab for Amarillo® brand hops. By 2017, the quality control program was extended to licensed Amarillo® growers in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Germany. Today, HopTechnic® continues to provide quality control support for all the hops grown by VGF, including Amarillo® and Sonnet®, through a unique harvest monitoring program which focuses on aroma and flavor through thiol intensity analysis on cutting edge instrumentation. HopTechnic® offers standard testing services for the beer and hop industry, but also offers its more advanced capabilities including hop lot fingerprinting, harvest timing analysis, beer biotransformation tracking and R&D capabilities to brewers and growers alike. Many of the tests offered by our lab are accredited by A2LA. Check out our scope of accreditation for the full list of our accredited tests.