HopTechnic®’s Harvest Optimization is a quality standard developed to help hop growers identify the best time to harvest their hops within their microclimate. Originally developed to manage the quality control of the Amarillo® brand as its growing regions expanded, the program has been now applied to many other varieties of hops.

Seasonal variation and natural phenomenon have a large affect on the way hops mature, and it can be very difficult to rely on historical harvest dates or dry matters for harvest readiness. HopTechnic®’s harvest optimization focuses more on the aroma of the hops and as such, can navigate years when traditional methods are inconclusive. Harvest optimization offers the grower and ultimately the brewer, the ability to ensure that hops are harvested when they are in an optimal window for aroma expression for the season.

Since publicly introduced to the industry in 2020, the program has seen a 50-fold increase in year-on-year participation requests and a 90% return rate as of 2023. The program is currently offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and spaces are limited. To enroll in our program, a grower should reach out to the lab early in the growing season to reserve their space. Once enrolled, the HopTechnic® team will start taking field samples in early August as soon as cones begin to develop. The lab tests the cones on a frequent basis over the course of the harvest season to establish a maturity curve and provide forecasting for maturity windows.

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