The HopTechnic® laboratory provides cutting edge services, analysis, and R&D for the brewing and hops industry. From the field to the finished beer, HopTechnic® enables hop growers, processors, distributors, and brewers to achieve the highest quality and most reliable consistency year-over-year, and batch-to-batch. We provide solutions to some of the industry’s most difficult issues pertaining to hops pivotal role in beer production. Our menu below demonstrates the core products and services that HopTechnic® executes to empower our clients in the brewing industry.


Brewing and hop related lab packages are listed below. Please inquire for bulk discounts and custom services tailored to your specific needs.

  • Comprehensive Brewing Assessment$650/batch
    Our strongest value for quality control and replicable scientific data on flavor and aroma consistency for hop products. Pre-fermentation, fermentation time stamp, and finished beer assessment of thiol composition and aroma assessments of hops, yeast, and liquid wort and beer.
  • Standard Hop Assessment$300/sample
    An enhanced package that includes everything from the comprehensive hop assessment, but excludes the thiol fingerprinting.
  • Standard Thiol Hop Assessment$350/sample
    Entry level to tracking sulfur thiol fingerprints and quality control of your hops year over year.
  • Quantitative Hop Assessment$85/sample
    Alpha/beta, total oil, moisture content analysis of hop samples
  • Comprehensive Hop Assessment$500/sample
    The baseline for hop quality control. All hop tests including terpene and thiol analysis, aroma analysis, alpha acids, beta acids, total oil, iso-alpha, moisture content and dry matter assessment.
  • Aroma Assessment$115/sample
    Spider chart aroma assessment to gain insight into sensory dynamics of your hop lots.
  • HopTechnics® Mobile App IntegrationPlease inquire
  • TruePellet™ Custom Hop CertificationPlease inquire
  • Harvest Timing AssessmentPlease inquire
  • Field MonitoringPlease inquire

A La Carte Services

*These tests are part of our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 scope

  • Terpene and Thiol Analysis$230/sample
  • Thiol Analysis$210/sample
  • Terpene Analysis$125/sample
  • Aroma Sensory Analysis$100/sample
  • Alpha & Beta Acids$55/sample
  • Total Oil Distillation$50/sample
  • Iso-Alpha Acids$45/sample
  • Moisture Content/ Dry Matter Assessment$25/sample
Sometimes things change! HopTechnic® reserves the right to change prices without prior notifcation.

Common Questions

Is HopTechnic® a certified lab?

Yes, HopTechnic® is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited lab and offers several accredited tests as part of our scope.

What tests are involved in the hop assessments?

Generally, hop assessments involve analysis of color, moisture content, alpha/beta acids, total oil, and terpenes as well as aroma analysis.

Where/When do I drop off samples?

Samples can be dropped off at or shipped to 6371 Fort Road Toppenish, WA 98948. During harvest, we accept samples M-S from 7am to 5pm. Off-season samples are accepted M-F from 8am-4pm. If shipping samples, please contact us for shipping requirements.

Are there any other tests offered that are not listed?

We do offer testing services not listed here. Please contact us to see if we can accommodate your testing needs.